Hangbird puts the laundry out of the way.

The flying laundry bird saves space. This is the most obvious advantage of the Hangbird compared to the traditional clothes horse. There are also other practical advantages :

  • Long lines
  • Saves space even with normal, low ceilings
  • Safe suspension
  • Fast drying


However, Hangbird not only makes laundry drying easier in handling, it also has advantages for the environment :

  • Economical
  • Gentle drying
  • Resource-saving in production, operation and reusability


On this page you will find the most important advantages of the Hangbird at a flap of a wing.

Space-saving and practical drying

Long lines for large quantites and large pieces

We all know it: reaching the end of a hung clothes lines, there is just not enough space for the last T-shirt. This “edge effect” occurs all the more frequently, the shorter and more “fragmented” the lines are. Hangbird has long, uninterrupted lines so that the laundry can be lined up efficiently and continuously.

Space-saving with all ceiling heights

In the upper position, the Hangbird hangs in a distance to the ceiling of about approx. 10 cm. This makes it practical even with the minimum standard ceiling height of 2.5 m.

Often you fold large laundry items such as trousers, towels or bed linen anyway, then they are approx. 50 cm long. With normal, modern ceilings with a height of 2.5 m, the laundry hangs down to a height of approx. 1.90 meters. That is enough space for most people to walk through. If you also choose a spot that is not on the “main footpath routes” of your home, like to the side of a room, behind a door, over the sofa, over the bathtub, etc., nobody has to duck – even with hanging laundry present.

But yes, Hangbird loves high ceilings! For ceilings that are higher than 4 m, Hangbird provides some extra rope free of charge.

Suspended, but safe!

Hangbird does not tip over because it hovers from the ceiling on four ropes. When pulled up, it is safe for children, animals and laundry depending on the perspective from which you look at it.

The fastening mechanism of the pull rope ensures that it is very difficult for a child to release it. You can also install an additional safeguard.

Dry in no time!

In every room there is a temperature difference between the ceiling and the floor. The Hangbird takes advantage of this:

  1. The laundry hangs in warm, dry air below the ceiling.
  2. The dry air dries the laundry and thereby, it cools down a little.
  3. The now moist and cool air falls down (because of its increased density),
    other dry and warm air is drawn in to the clothes.
  4. A natural air circulation sets in it can even be felt and ensures quick drying.

Clothes made of thinner fabrics such as T-shirts often dry overnight.

By the way, Hangbird does not cause any additional mold problem. General answers on the subject of drying laundry can also be found in the FAQs (under the keyword planning and handling).

Hangbird enlarges your living space easily and inexpensively.

We would like to thank S. B. for this special picture!

Sustainable and gentle drying


Hangbird is easy on the wallet


Hangbird saves around 25 – 75 Euros a year compared to an electric dryer.

In the summer months, Hangbird dries without any additional energy. In winter, drying clothes requires energy in the form of heating.

The operation of an electric dryer costs around 50 – 150 euros per year. Depending on the efficiency, one calculates with 1 to 3 kWh per cycle, with an electricity price of approx. 32 ct / kWh and 160 cycles per year.


It is cheaper to buy a Hangbird than an electric dryer, often several hundred Euros.

The acquisition costs of a Hangbird lie between 180 and 260 Euros; an electric dryer costs between 250 and 800 Euros, depending on the features and energy efficiency.


Hangbird cares for your clothes.

An electric dryer too wears clothes off by its high heat and by making the laundry spin and tumble. Every fluff in the dryer sieve was once part of your clothes.

Hangbird gently dries the laundry without producing fluffs.


Hangbird cares for the environment


A Hangbird weighs 5 – 7 kg, an electric dryer on the other hand around 50 kg. Hence, Hangird needs much less consumption of so-called “grey energy” during production and transport.


The wood for the Hangbird frame grows in central Germany within a radius of 100 km near the saw mill. It is PEFC certified, meaning it comes from sustainable forestry.


In the summer months, Hangbird does not need any energy for drying.

In the winter months, primitive heating energy is used efficiently for the simple process of drying, and the sophisticated, high-quality form of electrical energy is not saved.


The individual parts of the Hangbird are of high quality and virtually indestructible. Nevertheles, they can be replaced easily – by reordering via Hangbird or by going to a hardware store.


The Hangbird consists of clearly separable parts and is therefore relatively easy to manufacture. In case of disposal, parts can be separated and the different materials can be recycled easily.

Hangbird is gentle on the laundry,
the environment and your wallet.