Frame made to measure

Hangbird made to measure

We can adapt the length of the frames to an individually desired size. However, we cannot adapt the width due to the numerous pre-drilled holes.

Please select the standard model below that is longer than the desired length. In the next step, you can choose the wood and rope colours. Please enter the desired external dimension as a comment on the checkout pages when completing the order.

Desired dimension

smaller 107 cm

between 107 and 157 cm

between 157 and 202 cm

Notes – not in small print

Suitable length

Please choose the size of the frame so that there is a distance of about about 10 to 15 cm between the frame and walls, protruding corners and obstacles such as shelves or door latches: the frame swings slightly to all sides when pulling up and down, and the installation is usually not accurate to the centimetre.

Refund policy

Custom-made goods are not subject to the normal right of return as described in the cancellation policy. If the custom-made frame does not meet your expectations, we still offer you a return option within the scope of the usual regulations, whereby the reimbursement is based on the next smaller size. Please note the other conditions for a valid revocation (like a 14-day period and goods new and unused).