The Hangbird is a real climber.

Our experience, pardon!, the experience of our customers shows that the Hangbird can be hung up easily and safely. With the right material and, if necessary, with our advice, the Hangbird flies virtually on any ceiling.

We explain here how our multi purpose plugs can be used and how they attach to most materials.

With the following aids, Hangbird also flies on insulated, crumbling, suspended or concrete ceilings.

Additionally, we offer producty by “Tesa” to glue the suspension to metal ceilings (of balconies) and to glue a part of the pulley system to tiles.

This photo and the photo at the bottom of the page by Fransi Freiwald

The supplied universal plugs are all-round talents.

The included universal plugs are suitable for the following ceiling types:

Massive subsurface

Suspended ceiling (plasterboard)

Subsurface with cavities

The screws have a length of 57 mm and a thread with a diameter of 4,4 mm. Our suitable plugs have a lenght of 49 mm lang and an outer diameter of 8 mm.

In the case of cavities and suspended ceilings, the dowel becomes knotted.

Many hundreds of Hangbird frames should already be flying on suspended ceilings. Suspended ceilings are relatively heavy themselves and should be screwed to wooden or metal battens at regular intervals if installed correctly. The weight of the frame and laundry is distributed over four points that are relatively far apart, so that the maximum vertical load per attachment point is approx. 6 kg.

In order for the dowel to hold onto a false ceiling, the panels must be at least 12.5 mm thick – but this is a widely used standard. The hole is pre-drilled with a drill (ø 8 mm, preferably steel or universal drill).

Alternative plugs and aids for a better grip.

Brass dowel for concrete

Special brass dowels can also be used for concrete ceilings or walls. This has the advantage that the hole only needs a diameter of 6 mm (instead of 8 mm) and a depth of 2 cm (instead of 6 cm) and the screw also holds better.

To the brass dowel in the shop

Long dowels including heavy-duty hooks

If the ceiling is covered with insulating boards, which cannot bear a load, or if the ceiling only provides support from a depth greater than 5 cm, then the extra-long screw hooks with the extra-long screws can be used (length 10 cm, ø 6 mm).

To the heavy-duty hooks including dowels in the shop

High-tech putty for difficult ceilings

If the drilled hole is drilled in a poor material and it breaks loose, then the UHU power putty will help: the dough-like substance is activated by kneading, then it is inserted into the hole, and the screw (without plug) is screwed in immediately. Wait half an hour – it holds!

To the UHU Repair All Powerkitt in the shop

Can’t drill? – But glueing!

Sometimes you can’t drill a hole. In these cases, an adhesive solution from niewiederbohren / Tesa could help.

Caution: The adhesive solutions are only suitable for stable, rough and smooth surfaces such as tiles, natural stone, glass, concrete, metal and wood. They are not suitable for wallpaper, masonry, plaster or painted surfaces!

Adhesive hook for hanging on the ceiling

The adhesive hook allows you to attach a deflection pulley (the Hangbird’s suspension) to the ceiling without drilling. The hook can be removed without leaving any residue and is approved for a maximum load of 15 kg.

To the adhesive hooks for ceiling mounting without drilling in the shop

Adhesive adapter for the pulley

The adhesive adapter allows the pulley cleat and baseplate to be attached to tiles without drilling. The adhesive adapter can be removed without leaving any residue and is approved for a maximum load of 20 kg. Accordingly, a maximum of 15 kg of wet laundry (approx. 10 kg dry weight) may be hung up.

To the adhesive adapter for attachment without drilling in the shop

If you don’t find the right solution for your desired hanging location on this page, or if you still have questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time, preferably with photos and dimensions, at info@hangbird.net.