Hangbird has many advantages



  • creates space and is space saving
  • dries quickly
  • is tipping and childproof


  • replaces electric clothes dryer
  • saves electricity
  • dries the laundry gently


  • consists of high quality, durable materials
  • produced from local wood

Frame, suspension and pulley system make Hangbird practical

Frame with long, continuous lines for large laundry

  • Long, uninterrupted lines can be used optimally.
  • Large items of laundry have space on large frames.
  • Ropes can easily be stretched in the sturdy frame.

Suspended on four ropes
for stable hanging

  • Suspension on four ropes ensures a stable position when loading and drying.
  • Four suspension points distribute the weight, reduce the load and increase safety (redundancy).
  • The frame can be pulled very close to the ceiling (ceiling to lower edge of frame <12 cm).

Deflection rollers on the ceiling and wall for flexible placement in the room

  • Redirection allows free placement in the room.
  • Installation is also possible on sloping or suspended ceilings.
  • Generous amount of rope reaches up to 4 m ceiling height; more rope available for higher ceilings.

Space-saving pulley system

for easy handling

  • Pulley system reduces the strength required when pulling up and allows easy handling.
  • Rope system only needs narrow free space on the wall.
  • Cleat securely fixes the upper position of the frame.

Hangbird is available in over 250 combinations for every taste

Options that make Hangbird functional

9 sizes

There is a suitable frame for every household size, every room and every laundry requirement:

  • Three widths: 60, 70 and 80 cm
  • Three lengths: 100, 150 and 200 cm

2 pulley systems

Basically, both versions are suitable for any size, but Hangbird recommends:

  • Twofold pulley for smaller models
  • Fourfold pulley for bigger models with higher weight (depending on personal strength)

Options that make Hangbird individual

2 wood surfaces


You can choose from two colors for the wooden frame:

natural colour (oiled) or white glazed (varnished)

10 rope colours


These rope colours can set colourful accents:

White – Light grey – Black – Blue – Pink – Pine green – Burgundy – Orange – Red – Red-white

Prepare Hangbirds nest – Planning and installation

Well planned location choice

Unlike its relatives on the ground, Hangbird can take off. For this it needs:

  1. enough space on the ceiling and enough space to hang the laundry from the long side
  2. free rope routes from the frame over the deflection rollers for attachment
  3. narrow, free wall space for pulley system and fastening (base plate and cleat)

Installation well directed


step for step

All fittings and fastening parts such as hooks and dowels (also suitable for suspended ceilings) are included. The supplied rope extends to a ceiling height of 4 m. On request, we can send more rope.

Easy-to-understand assembly instructions help step by step during assembly.


Basic tools
for assembly

The following tools are required for assembly:

  • Ladder, yardstick and pencil
  • Crosstip screwdriver (medium size, PZ 2)
  • Scissors and lighter
  • Drilling machine and drill suitable for the subsurface (mostly stone drill, 6 and 8 mm, if necessary wood 4 mm)

service and help

We would be happy to help you with individual questions. In special cases there are good and simple solutions for example when mounting Hangbird to …

  • on friable ceilings and walls
  • on metal (underside of balconies)
  • on tiles

Please have look at our pages for planning, installation, mounting or our FAQs or contact us Kontakt auf!

Please consult the FAQ or contact us!