Hangbird 80 x 150 length to measure

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Medium-sized Hangbird with up to 16,5 m clothes line (11 lines, each up to 1.5 metres).

Exact dimensions: 84 cm x desired length (smaller 157 cm).

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Hangbird in medium size with a clothes line of up to 16.5 metres. This accommodates about one load of a washing machine.

The wooden surface is varnished with a white glaze (white option) or oiled (natural colour option).

Hangbird offers two types of pulley systems: For light and medium weight, the twofold pulley system is sufficient. For heavier weights, the fourfold pulley system halves the necessary force once more, in particular if one does not want to pull the ropes with much force.

The exact dimensions of the frame are 84 cm x desired length (smaller 157 cm).

Please enter the desired length (outer measure) as a comment on the check out pages.

Additional Information
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 150 × 12 × 12 cm
Wood surface

natural (oiled), white glazed (varnished)

Rope colour

white, red, blue, orange (bright), bordeaux, grey, pink

Pulley tackle

twofold, fourfold