Installation service Berlin / Hamburg / Munich / Vienna


In selected cities, Hangbird offers an installation service for a flat fee per frame.

Currently, available in:

  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Munich
  • Vienna

Delivery time: Installation within two weeks by arrangement after delivery

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After payment, we will instruct a local installation service who will contact you promptly.

Please note:

  • The assembly service is not subject to the usual two-week right of revocation: By ordering the assembly, you want us to carry out the order immediately and waive your right of revocation.
  • If the craftsman comes to you, and it turns out that assembly is not possible or desired, we can take back the Hangbird (return transport at your cost) and charge 50 euros for the journey.
  • The assembly cannot be booked for reduced frames (“Hangbird with character” offer).
  • Even if the flat rate is usually suitable for the on-site effort, we cannot rule out that the situation found will result in increased effort. Before installation, we ask for information about the intended installation in order to clarify all eventualities in advance. We charge 35 euros / h plus VAT for any additional work that goes well beyond the usual.
  • The services of our installation partners are in varying demand depending on the season. In the time towards the end of the year, there might a longer waiting time than usual.
Additional Information

Berlin, Hamburg, München