Retrofit fourfold pulley tackle


A retrofit kit is available for existing installations with the standard double pulley system. This means that the quadruple pulley system can be easily installed retrospectively and once again halves the force required when pulling the rope compared to the double pulley system.

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Hangbird offers two kinds of pulley tackle: for small and medium weight, the twofold pulley system is sufficient. For bigger loads, the fourfold pulley system halves the necessary force once again. This can be comfortable if one does not want to pull strongly.

Scope of delivery:

  • Pulley rope 12 m (reaches up to a ceiling height of 4 m)
  • Base plate in natural (oiled) or white (varnished)
  • Double pulleys including loop
  • Installation instructions

Installation is simple and only requires scissors, a screwdriver and a small hammer.

Compared to the double standard pulley system, there is more rope; this can just as easily be placed over the cleat after pulling the Hangbird up.

Material: high-quality polyester, water-resistant and light fast.

Additional Information
Rope colour

white, red, blue, orange (bright), bordeaux, grey, pink

Surface of wood

natural colour (oiled), white glazed (varnished)