Customers’ opinions

What our customers say about Hangbird

The Hangbird is always happy to read what others think about him.

Especially if he was able to make customers happy. Thank you very much for your feedback.

The life of a Hangbird

1. Order process

Before a Hangbird sets off on its journey to its new owner, there are 252 variants to choose from.

“Everything went smoothly, ordering from the web shop was already a pleasure when choosing and delivery (even though it was in the Alps) was quick and smooth. The set-up went great and the bird is already busy. As a friend aptly phrased “the work of hanging up is the same for all drying racks, but here you have the extra fun factor of pulling it up and down. Where work is fun, it’s just twice as easy “. I can only confirm that after 10 wash loads!

I also found the assembly instructions super cute! Another one will probably be added to the protected outdoor area next summer … ” (Translated from German)

Nadine from Valais, Switzerland

2. Delivery

As gentle on the environment as possible – but securely packaged – the Hangbird sets off for his new home soon after ordering.

“The product is great. Fast delivery to Switzerland, good instructions, best quality. Thank you very much.” (Translated from German)

Rudi from Switzerland

3. Installation

With the detailed assembly instructions, hanging the Hangbird should be a piece of cake.

“A big praise in advance for the idea and implementation of the Hangbird.
In Berlin-Neukölln, an 80 cm x 200 cm specimen with white ropes and natural wood-look frame has been successfully hanging on an old building ceiling since this evening. The assembly instructions are completely well-made and fun to implement. The wood, the holes and edges are all made with great detail, and we are totally impressed with the value of all materials. (…)

So a big compliment from Berlin to Munich! ” (Translated from German)

Elia and Natascha from Berlin, Germany

“Dear Mr. Kutter,

Since the bird hangs, I love it. Until then we had a rather shaky relationship. For a women with little experience in craftsmanship the assembly is not totally easy …

But now it’s chic. ” (Translated from German)

Ines from Oberhaching, Germany

4. Quality

Hangbird is the drying rack for a lifetime. High quality made to accompany the new owner through all the ups and downs of (clothes horse) life.

“Hello Mr. Kutter,

We would like to thank you for your ingenious construction, which is also carried out with refreshing care and quality. Now the Hangbird is flying and is simply the perfect (I rarely use this word, contrary to the current general usage) solution for our apartment. (…) ” (Translated from German)

Wolfgang und Annegret from Munich, Germany

“Dear Mr Kutter,

Basically: The instructions, the fittings, the design of the homepage etc. really great. Thank you!!!” (Translated from German)

Fritz from the Black Forest Region, Germany

5. Design

A timeless but smart design made of wood, modern rope colours and many sizes – Hangbird is almost more a piece of furniture than a clothes horse.

“(…) A wonderful idea that you had there – I had already considered building something like this in BEAUTIFUL when I thought to myself: I’m definitely not the first to wish for it in that form. And hey … I had already found you.
Thank you for the nice idea and the design – just as I would have built it myself. (…) “ (Translated from German)

Marion from Cologne, Germany

“Dear Mr Kutter,

our hangbird is assembled and we are very happy. He dries the laundry really quickly. Thanks for the great idea and the beautiful implementation. (…) ” (Translated from German)


Stefanie from the Lake Constance Region, Germany

6. Function

The Hangbird has many functions that make life “easier”: space-saving, quick-drying, sustainable and childproof – to name just a few.

“Dear Mr. Kutter,

It’s been over a year now since we bought the Hangbird from you. It is still the best purchase for the birth of our second child! In use every day. A great thing! (…) ” (Translated from German)

Ursula from Karlsruhe, Germany

“Dear Mr. Kutter,

since 29.11. I am now the proud owner of a Hangbird and I am thrilled! This is really a super practical and also pretty bird and works up and down and up and down … really great! I am already happy with the 4-fold pulley system for my ceiling height when the Hangbird is fully loaded. So it is simply not too difficult, even if one does not have too much power. I would like to give you this as a feedback from my experience. (…)

Thank you again for everything, as a customer I always felt in good hands and taken seriously!” (Translated from German)

Chuluk from Berlin, Germany

7. Customer Service

“Individual, heartfelt, solution-oriented and committed to making the impossible possible: this is what customer care at Hangbird looks like.”

“Dear Mr. Kutter,

The assembly went wonderfully on Friday. I have just transferred the cost of the adapter to you.

Thank you again especially for the excellent customer service!” (Translated from Germany)

Simone from Berlin, Germany

“Moin Herr Kutter,

Here is a picture of the clothes horse! My daughter refused to be photographed WITH the Hangbird, it ultimately spoiled her pleasure in pulling laundry down to wipe the floor clean. (…)

With many thanks for the great customer service and very pleasant contact, I remain with best regards to the Bavarian outback and best wishes for a nice WE. ” (Translated from German)

Yvonne from Hamburg, Germany

8. Humour

The Hangbird is always happy when his humour meets like-minded people.

“Hello Mr. Kutter,

Thank you very much for the prompt answer, despite the summer break. Thanks to your crucial tip, our Hangbird is now flying. Okay, maybe a little over the top, but at least it hangs. However, I would not be surprised if the next version could also fly :-). I wish you continued success with your pleasant business idea.” (Translated from German)

Wolfgang from Riegelsberg, Germany

“Dear Mr. Kutter,

Thank you for this information! Hangbird still “flies” to my full satisfaction – light and easy, just like a bird.

All the best for your successful company! ” (Translated from German)

Karl from Altfraunhofen, Germany

9. Ideas

New owners – new ideas: the Hangbird can be expanded with simple means, used differently, hung up creatively. Go ahead!

“Dear Hangbird team,

from the beginning I followed the production and got me a hangbird right away.

After hanging up a lot of clothes on the hanger to dry, I added a clothes rail to the hangbird on the left and right (not exactly straight, but very practical). So I can not only use two hangers per side, but several.

I don’t want to give him away anymore – my Hangbird! ” (Translated from German)

Karin from Putzbrunn, Germany

10. Joy

The biggest compliment for the Hangbird: joy in hanging up your laundry every day.

“Dear Samuel Kutter,

Last year in November we got the Hangbird from you – and we’re glad every day that we have it. The frame is nice and we have more space in our apartment. Thank you very much for your initiative to have developed such a simple, beautiful and practical product! ”

Markus from Vienna, Switzerland

11. Reviews

Reviews help the Hangbird fly even further – thank you! (in German)

Reviews are from Google:

Linda Graca
Linda Graca
15 Februar 2024
Das wohl beste Produkt dass ich seit langem montiert habe. Für die super Qualität und die nachhaltige Herstellung ist der Preis echt mehr als in Ordnung. Alle Einzelteile sind in top Qualität und vorallem die Montageanleitung muss man loben. Da hat sich jemand echt mühe gemacht ein durchdachtes Produkt zu erstellen, das lange freude bereitet. Habe das nächste schon bestellt.
21 Januar 2024
Wir sind begeistert von dieser Lösung der Wäscheaufhängung! Genau was wir gesucht haben. Die Lieferung in die Schweiz erfolgte sehr zügig. Die Bestandteile wirken hochwertig und bis ins Detail durchdacht. Die Montageanleitung ist gut zu verstehen. Wir können Hängbird auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen!
Andreas Binder
Andreas Binder
30 Dezember 2023
Einfach genial! Wir haben durch den hangbird ca 3-4 Quadratmeter in unserer Wohnung dazu gewonnen und er sieht noch dazu richtig gut aus!
Mark Dek
Mark Dek
6 November 2023
1st part of the review is about the purchasing process, from orientation to after care. Hangbird has got an excellent website and a phenomenal shopping process. Everything is explained in detail and looks great. After you buy your product it isn't sent straight away (in my case anyways, as I'd indicated we have high ceilings), the crew reached out to me to fully understand our situation. They helped me design the best possible solution (including drawings over pictures I provided). It might not have been the fastest process, but that was very much suited to my situation. Installing hangbird will have to be done carefully and the crew made sure I was as best equiped to do so as possible. I am a regular online shopper and I don't think I've encountered a better shopping experience yet. Next up is the installation and use. Looking forward to receiving the package 2nd part: Installation I wasn't looking forward to this part. Hangbird will hang over our stairs, the staircase is 5.5 meters high (over twisting stairs) and needed a paint job. So, after I got myself 2 ladders i set out to do the paint job and install hangbird over the weekend. I am happy to say that I was able to finish the entire job in a single day and I haven't cursed even once. The fact that they'd helped me tweak the design plus a very clear step by step guide made the whole process quite straight forward and no mistakes were made. I'm off to do some final teaks now, and I'll post part 3 of the review, which is hangbird in use. So; after 3 days of use I can happily say that hangbird is here to stay. As mentioned before, she hangs over our staircase, which is not necessarily the most convenient places for hanging up clothes (we hang them from underneath hangbird), but it definitely is a space saver. And our clothes dry well, as the stair case naturally ventilates. The pulley system really is beautifull. We went for a double rope system, as we have a rather big hangbird (150x80), so when it is full it can easily go towards the 15kg. Of course we tested this, and even our 5 year was able to lift hangbird, due to the double rope pulley system. It also lowers beautifully. We fitted it tightly, with 1 cm spare room on each side of the long edges, and it slides between without hitting anything every time.
Isac Winterward
Isac Winterward
26 Juli 2023
Insgesamt hat das ganze Paket an Materialien eine sehr gute Qualität. Die Montageanleitung ist etwas umfangreicher, aber bei der Konstruktion kein Wunder. Die Anleitung ist mit viel Liebe gestaltet und sehr gut beschrieben. Sie führt einen Schritt für Schritt durch alle Handgriffe. Das schwierigste war am Ende die Markierungen an der Decke zu machen. Das auspendeln, wie in der Anleitung beschrieben, ging ganz gut. Insgesamt sind wir sehr zufrieden!
24 Juli 2023
Ein super Produkt, so macht sogar Wäsche aufhängen Spaß 😁 für die Umwelt ist er allemal wertvoll, weil er den Trockner spart, Support war auch vorbildlich
Ursula Sotier
Ursula Sotier
10 Juli 2023
Ich liebe unseren Hangbird!
Stefanie Widowitz
Stefanie Widowitz
23 Juni 2023
Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit unserem Hangbird und sparen uns viel Platz in der Wohnung. Sehr gute Qualität und Verarbeitung 👍 er ist uns das Geld auf jeden Fall wert!
i f
i f
21 April 2023
Toller Kundenservice, tolles Produkt auch bei komplizierter Einbausituation!
Eric Lochmatter
Eric Lochmatter
16 Februar 2023
Der Hangbird ist ein super und fair produziertes Produkt, kann ich nur weiterempfehlen! Funktion, Optik sowie Qualität überzeugen.