About Hangbird

What chirps around, comes around.

This is mainly about chirping: What are others chirping about Hangbird, what is new or funny about Hangbird, who is chirping with us and how did it start chirping? But the Hangbird can also stop chirping for a moment – when he is working as a photo model.

Customers’ gallery

The Hangbird is a joyful and patient photo model for his new owners and likes to show off its advantages: space-saving, chic and unique.

Here you can find a wider selection of customer images.

Customers’ opinions

The Hangbird is always pleased to hear what new owners are chirping about having one.

“Our hangbird is assembled and we are very happy. He dries the laundry really quickly. Thanks for the great idea and the beautiful realisation.”


“Basically: The instructions, the fittings, the design of the homepage etc. really great. Thank you!!!“


“It’s been over a year now since we bought the Hangbird from you. It is still the best purchase for the birth of our second child! In use every day. A great thing!“

Here you can find further customers’ opinions.


“Where should the clothes horse go?”
“By no means into the living room!”
“But not into the bedroom either.”
“I would love to have it gone completely!”
»There has to be a solution!«


It all started with this conversation at the dining table at home. You can find out more about Hangbird founder Samuel and his story with the flying laundry rack here.


If there is something new or funny to report, the Hangbird also likes to chirp itself.

Here you can find all news and anecdotes about Hangbird (in German).

Press coverage

The Hangbird is very happy when something is chirped about it in the big media forest.

Here you can find all articles about Hangbird (mostly in German).

Press material

All information about Hangbird – press kit, links, downloads – you can find here.

Friends, partners and supporters

No small business without partners and friends! – At this point Hangbird would like to thank for the cooperation and for being in good company.

The following have had a major impact on the external image of Hangbird:

In the neighborhood we enjoy the good company of our friends:

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