Giving wings to the Hangbird – about screws, ropes and pouches

The two most visible parts of the Hangbird are the frame and the ropes. But without small parts such as screws, hooks, pulley wheels and a cleat, the frame would not be able to lift off and laundry could not dry. The sorting, counting and packaging of these parts needs to be done carefully. For this task, Hangbird receives support from the “Caritas Werkstätten” in Munich.

Over 40 screws, clamps, hooks and other small parts are carefully counted using different auxiliary templates. Afterwards, all counted small parts are collected and are ready for packaging.

The smaller parts are first packaged in a pouch, ensuring that everything stays together when Hangbird is sent to its new owner. By the way, it is the only piece of plastic that Hangbird uses in its packaging.

The little pouch is now ready for further packaging together with the ropes, the cleat and the pulley wheels. It is important to pack these parts separately in a purpose made carton, otherwise they could damage the wooden frame during shipping – especially the heavy pieces made of metal.

Incidentally, this carton is not only a neat storage for the small parts and ropes, but it also fulfils another important function in the finished shipping packaging: As a “plug”, it fixes the laths internally in the carton and thus prevents them from dislocating during transport.

At the end of the day, it is important that a sticker on the box shows the seven different colours of the ropes – white, gray, pink, blue, orange, red and bordeaux. When the individual Hangbird is finally dispatched, the colour chosen by the customer can be then easily added to the package.

Now the production of the Hangbird is finished and it is waiting in the warehouse for shipping to the new owner!

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