Installation is easy in the best of company.

With a Hangbird you not only get all the parts you need to dry laundry in a space-saving, gentle and environmentally friendly way, you also get detailed assembly instructions.

The instructions are a proud part of the product, because with them the laundry bird can easily take off. It guides you step by step through the installation, which basically consists of three steps:

  1. Assemble the frame
  2. Mark and drill the attachment points
  3. Thread in the ropes and knot the rope for the pulley

With the assembly instructions you will be able to install your laundry bird without any problems. If there are any questions during the installation, we will be happy to help at any time. Please contact us!

Photos by Fransi Freiwald, Photo with bob by our place to be

First things first: the frame

What nest building is to birds, frame building is to Hangbirds. The frame is plain, stable and simply built, and so assembling it is also very easy.

Easy take-off in the air: mark and drill the attachment points

The frame hangs on four supporting ropes, which run parallel to the ceiling and are deflected towards the wall by four pulleys.

There are four hooks attached to the ceiling. The positions can easily be determined:

  • By using a string (clothesline!) with a weight (screw hook!) as a plumb bob
  • By measuring precisely (The dimensions can be found in the instructions or here.)

Now, you can also use the planning to check that the rope ways are completely free of obstacles.

Some of our customers have the greatest respect (not to say: fear) of drilling the holes and attaching the hooks to the ceiling.

But don’t worry! Thousands of customers have already successfully hung Hangbird and have had very good experiences with our universal dowels.

Our hooks and dowels hold up well in:

  • Solid materials like concrete
  • False ceilings (plasterboard)
  • Substrates with cavities (bricks)
  • Old building ceilings

You can find more information about how to suspend Hangbird here.

The plumage for the Hangbird: the ropes

As soon as the dowels are firmly in place, the hooks are screwed in and the deflection rollers are hanging, the frame can fly for the first time. The pull ropes are threaded in, and the frame is hung.

Then the pulley is threaded.

The pulley allows the laundry to be lifted off easily: it is available in a two or four pulley version, which halves or quarters the force required to pull it up.

For the smaller and medium-sized models up to approx. 60 × 150 cm, the double pulley is sufficient; from 70 × 150 cm, some customers appreciate the four pulley system. However, both pulleys work on all models.

Welcome helpers: the tools

With the Hangbird you get all the parts you need; only a few tools are needed for assembly.

  • Ladder, meter rule and pencil
  • Phillips screwdriver (small and medium size, PZ 1 and 2)
  • Scissors and lighter
  • Drilling machine and drill suitable for the subsurface (usually for stone/masonry ø 6 and 8 mm or wood ø 4 mm; for suspended ceiling: all-round drill ø 8 mm)

The assembly instructions as a guide ensure that the Hangbird easily takes off into the ceiling sky.