Occasionally, we offer “frames with character” with a 25 % discount: frames with small, visual defects due to wild wood, mishaps during production or misfortunes during transport. All frames are still 100 % functional. The usual revocation rights apply.

If interested, please check the German version of this page; currently, there are no offers available.


Special models

Hangbird made to measure

Individual length possible

Surcharge: 20 € with respect to standard models

Hangbird without frame

Build your own frame

90 – 100 €

Clothes rail

Hanging rail to be lifted

65 – 75 €

Extensions and replacement parts

Fourfold pulley tackle

Retrofit of the standard model

15 €


for moving Hangbird to another place

15 €

Ropes & clothes line

for a change of rope and line colour

20 – 26 €


Single and double pulleys

ab 4 €

Accessories and installation aides

Adhesive mounting without drilling

for tiles, glas, metal, concrete, stone, not for plaster or wallpaper!

25 €/Stk.

Adhesive Hook

for tiles, natural stone, glass, concrete, metal and wood; not wallpaper, masonry, plaster or any other painted surface!

8 €/Stk.

UHU Powerkitt

to reinforce holes in crumbly materials


11 €/Set

Heavy duty hooks incl. plugs

anchor Hangbird to ceilings with insulation panels or with bad substrate

3 €/Stk.

Brass plug for concrete ceilings

Alternative plug for easier installation on concrete ceilings, including fitting screw hook

1 €/Stk.