Occasionally, we offer “frames with character” with a 25 % discount: frames with small, visual defects due to wild wood, mishaps during production or misfortunes during transport. All frames are still 100 % functional. The usual revocation rights apply.

If interested, please check the German version of this page of current offers or contact us for more information, and we will check if we can fulfil your wish. Please indicate desired size and wood colour.

Special models

Hangbird made to measure

Individual length possible

Hangbird made to measure

Surcharge: 20 € with respect to standard models

Hangbird without frame

Build your own frame

Hangbird without frame

90 – 100 €

Clothes rail

Hanging rail to be lifted

Clothes rail

65 -75 €

Extensions and replacement parts

Fourfold pulley tackle

Retrofit of the standard model

Retrofit kit

15 €

Suspending ropes

for moving Hangbird to another place

Suspending ropes & clotes line

for a change of rope colours

Rope set

20 – 26 €

Accessories and installation aides