Ready for departure?

We have compiled some useful (so we think) advice about planning, installing and attaching to the ceiling.

Cleared for take off!

Complete Hangbird

Offers: frames with character

Occasionally, we offer “frames with character”: those are frames with small, optical defect, like dents, varnishing fault, strong wood grains.

The frames are fully functional! The ordinary terms apply!

Please refer to the German version of the page for potential current offers.


Special models

Hangbird made to measure

Individual length possible

Hangbird without frame

Build your own frame

Clothes rail

Hanging rail to be lifted

Extensions and replacement parts

Fourfold pulley tackle

Retrofit of the standard model


for moving Hangbird to another place

Ropes & clothes line

for a change of rope and line colour

Single and double pulleys

Retrofit of the standard model

Accessories and installation aides

Adhesive mounting for the cleat

for metal, concrete and stone,
not for plaster or wallpaper!

Adhesive hooks

for metal, concrete and stone,
not for plaster or wallpaper!

UHU Powerkitt

to reinforce holes in crumbly materials

Heavy duty hooks incl. plugs

anchor Hangbird to ceilings with insulation panels or with bad substrate

Brass plug for concrete ceilings

Alternative plug for easier installation on concrete ceilings, including fitting screw hook