Shipping information

Shipping information

For packaging and shipping, we calculate a flat fee independently of the quantity ordered. The shipping costs are as follows:

  • Germany: 15 Euro
  • Austria: 19 Euro
  • Switzerland and Liechtenstein: 24 Euro (including all fees and taxes, see below)

Other European countries:

  • Belgium: 19 Euro
  • Denmark: 19 Euro
  • France: 23 Euro
  • Italy: 25 Euro
  • Luxemburg: 19 Euro
  • Netherlands: 19 Euro
  • Norway: 0 Euro (Attention: customs clearance and duties to be paid additionally, see below!)
  • Slovakia: 19 Euro
  • Spain: 22 Euro (mainland), 53 Euro (Balearic islands); other areas on request
  • United Kingdom: 20 Euro

We are happy to ship to other European countries. Please contact us!

Dispatch takes place within four work days after having received the payment, usually even faster. In the past, deliveries to German addresses took place within one day, to European countries within two or three days.

Shipping is carried out climate-neutral by GLS; in Switzerland, delivery is carried out by Swiss Post. As soon the parcel is picked up by GLS, you will receive an email notification with tracking information. This email also allows you to influence the delivery to your address (like re-routing to a nearby GLS parcel Shop, delivery in a desired time window).

Shipping to Switzerland

The flat fee of 24 Euros pays all customs fees and the Swiss VAT. The recipient does not need to bear any further costs. However, the German VAT cannot be refundet since it is used to pay handling fees and the Swiss VAT.

Delivery in Switzerland is carried out by the Swiss Post. As soon your parcel is located in Switzerland (after passing the border), you can track the parcel with a Swiss parcel number which we will communicate you before shipping it.

Shipping to Norway

Although the German VAT is displayed in the shop during checkout, Hangbird does not need to pay the German VAT on exports to Norway. Hence, this amount can be used to cover shipping costs to Norway. This explains why the shipping rates to Norway are 0 Euro.

Mind you: However, the customer will need to cover fees for customs clearance (ca. 21 Euro approx., estimation) and the Norwegian VAT and possibly duties.