Shipping information

Shipping methods

The shipping costs are calculated in the shop depending on the choice of item. These are definitive, and below you can find more information on the most common cases.

Small items are sent by Deutsche Post postage (depending on size) to domestic and foreign addresses.

We charge a flat rate for packaging and shipping the entire Hangbird frame as bulky goods, regardless of the quantity ordered. This can be found for Germany in the shop as soon as you have put the product in the shopping cart. For many other European countries, it is given after entering the address. If the shop does not allow shipping to your country, please ask us individually at info@hangbird.net for the costs of shipping to your country.

Shipping takes place within four working days, usually even faster. In the past, delivery to German addresses was mostly within one day, to neighboring countries mostly within two to three days.

Shipping is climate-neutral via GLS; in Switzerland, delivery is by Swiss Post. As soon as the package has been picked up by GLS, you will receive an e-mail from GLS with tracking information, which you can also use to influence the delivery (e.g. redirection to a GLS shop or delivery on the desired date).

Shipping to Switzerland and Norway

All customs duties and the Swiss and Norwegian VAT are paid with the shipping flat rate. The recipient bears no further costs! However, a refund of the German VAT is not possible, as this is “used” for the customs processing fee and the local VAT.

Delivery in Switzerland is carried out by Swiss Post. As soon as your shipment is in Switzerland after customs clearance, the package can also be tracked under a Swiss package number. We will inform you of this number before the package is dispatched.

Delivery in Norway is carried out by Norwegian Post.