Partners and friends

Friends, Partners and Supporters

Kein Startup-Projekt ohne Unterstützer! – An dieser Stelle möchte ich mich herzlich allen bedanken, die Hangbird mit Rat und Tat unterstützt haben.

Axel Öland Design

Hangbird’s plumage, that is its visual appearance, is due to Axel Öland: fundamental brand and visual concepts, logo, product pictures and the design of the brochure and the postcard – all done with precision and quality.

Match Cut Films

Martin and Kathrin Tischner have created the video clips: professionally in their skills, smooth in their organisation and enjoyable in the execution from idea to the finished clip.


Mildenberger Massivholzmöbel

Klaus Mildenberger designs exclusive, custom-made furniture in solid wood of local timber in perfect quality.

Rumforstr. 36
80469 München

Markus Schatzl

Furniture and objects in wood in clear, simple forms, functional and durable.

Rumforstr. 36
80469 München


Pottery of Suzanne Bühler: stone ware and porcelain, durable and for every day use, colours that make you happy.


Spring-loaded cycle handles out of walnut wood have a velvety touch, increase comfort, look great and are (nearly) as good as a suspension fork.

Rumfordstr. 36
80469 München


All in paper, leather and linen: design and production of albums, menus, files and books: all that shall keep its value on and in paper.

Rumforstr. 36
80469 München

Restorer at Rumfordhof

Old becomes new: restoration of historic furniture and vintage pieces, small objects and complete interiors.

Rumforstr. 36
80469 München


Many thanks for the support for the creation of product images by providing high quality “props”!

Andjel Schuhe

Shoes for women and men in classical shapes, varied with trendy colours and patterns, adapted to modern times.

Reichenbachstr. 36
80469 München

Cornelius Laden

Women’s fashion using high quality materials in refined cuts and clear design, versatile and feminine.

Corneliusstr. 29
80469 München

Camino del Vino

The path to Spanish wines and Galician specialities leads directly to “Camino del Vino”.

Baaderstr. 32
80469 München


Tables, lamps and other furnitures, fancy and exquisite, new extraordinary models and timeless, classic designs.

Reichenbachstr. 24
80469 München


Sweet and tempting things – it is all about sweets and jewellery. The question is: which is sweet, which is tempting?

Reichenbachstr. 16
80469 München

George Frank

The textile printing service brings designs by you or by local  artists on your clothes to life.

Reichenbachstr. 28
80469 München


A small oasis with fresh vegetables, sweet fruits and fancy foods. – Of course, coffee and cakes are available too.

Fraunhoferstr. 24
80469 München

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Reichenbachstraße 21
(Eingang Gärtnerplatz)
80469 München

Zoom Shoes

Reichenbachstr. 25
80469 München

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