Customers’ gallery

We are always happy to receive feedback from customers who send us pictures of their “birds”. Every single picture shows us that in the end wood, ropes, screws and fittings contribute to a little washing happiness after the long journey through production and shipping.

On this page you will find a few selected pictures, sorted by typical places for the bird.

An overall view of the customer pictures can be found here.

Thank you for the pictures!


Most bathrooms have one thing in common: there is relatively little space. Therefore, the Hangbird particularly likes to hover over things such as the bathtub. Please keep a distance (approx. 10 cm) to the handles and holder so that the frame does not hit anything! In terms of mold growth, this room needs to be ventilated just as carefully as with other drying racks.


It’s nice weather, you want to relax, and then there is the full clothes horse on the balcony. In the case of covered balconies or the like, the Hangbird likes to fly outside protected from direct weather. If a hole in the ceiling is not possible here, there is also a solution with adhesive hooks in the shop. And nothing stands in the way of your next staycation on the balcony.


Halls are very interesting for the Hangbird. The air exchange is often very good here and favors the drying process. When hanging the Hangbird in narrow corridors, care should be taken that the laundry is best hung from the long side of the frame. Therefore, please make sure you have enough space to stand between the lowered Hangbird and the wall.


The cloakroom or the dressing room are places where clothes and shoes – usually visible – are kept. Therefore, they are also ideal for the Hangbird if you don’t want to hang it up so obviously in the living area. In addition, the Hangbird also hangs right at the scene: In the dressing room, you can put the laundry in the closet straight from drying.


Apart from 1-room apartments, the bedroom is usually a fairly unused space during the day and is well ventilated. So it’s ideal for the Hangbird. In winter, however, care should be taken that the room where the Hangbird flies should be at the same room temperature as the other rooms. If so an air exchange takes place without the moisture “collecting” in the coolest room.


There are pictures of the Hangbird that do not fit into their own category: an unusual place to hang, detailed photos, DIY Hangbirds, self-designed individual models based on the Hangbird or the Hangbird clothes rail. They show the variety that can arise from a product when customer creativity comes into play. Hangbird likes this very much and is always happy to have people who contact us with such ideas and requests.

Sloping ceilings

There is often a lot of unused living space hidden in the attic, in the stairwell or in arches. Actually an ideal place for the Hangbird, because sloping ceilings are not an obstacle. Slopes or unevenly high fastening points can be compensated for without problems with different rope lengths, so that the Hangbird floats perfectly horizontally at the end. The only stumbling block: When installing it often requires a high ladder.


Often you can find the Hangbird in the basement, laundry room or utility room – provided good ventilation, as with other clothes horses. If the ancestors planned the basement a little lower than normal living rooms, don’t worry: The Hangbird can be pulled up so far that there is only 10 cm between the frame and the ceiling. This means that the laundry – once folded – has enough space to dry.


The upper part of stairwells in single-family houses is a mostly unused space and at the same time one of the warmest – perfect for drying laundry. When planning, however, it should be noted that it can be practically difficult to drill the four holes required in the ceiling. In addition, the later loading should of course also be possible “risk-free”: Hangbird neither wants to see its owners tumble nor land on their heads when it is lowered.

Living room

Especially in small apartments, the living room is often the only place for a clothes horse. Although you don’t really have that on your screen, some hang the Hangbird over the couch. Here is unused living space in the upper part of the room, and since you “only” sit there, it is possible to hang Hangbird even with lower ceilings. Surprised remarks – Ahs! and ohs! – and charming compliments from guests about Hangbird as a centerpiece are guaranteed.