Heavy duty hooks incl. plugs


The heavy-duty hook attaches the Hangbird to ceilings that are covered with insulation panels or to ceilings that need longer screws.

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The screw and the plug have a total length of 10 cm; the thread of the screw is 5 cm long (measured from its tip). The plug opens over the last 5 cm. The hole should be drilled with 8 mm. The diameter of the hook is 6 mm.

The heavy duty hook and the corresponding plug are not suitable for suspended ceilings. For suspended ceilings, we provide suitable hooks and plugs in the standard set.

Attention: The Hangbird pulleys have an eye width of 6 mm. If the heavy-duty hooks are ordered with a frame, we will widen the pulleys by 0.5 mm. However, if you order the heavy-duty hooks at a later date, you have to widen the eyes of the pulley yourself to 6.5 or 7 mm. This is possible without any problems, as the eyelets of the pulleys can be easily machined with a metal drill.

Scope of delivery: heavy-duty hook and plug