Ropes and clothes line

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New plumage for the bird desired? The set includes all necessary ropes and clothes lines in matching colour and optionally the small loop.

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The set includes two pairs of suspension ropes for the frame, one rope for the pulley tackle and the clothes line. You can optionally choose the small loop that locks the pulley tackle to the cleat. Your existing loop will be superfluous.

Alternatively you can assemble the little loop from the remainder of the ropes, however the ends of the loop will not have the silvery end caps.

Each rope has a length of 12 m and the clothes line 24 m.

If you only need the ropes (after moving house, e.g.), please refer to the pull rope set.

Material: high-grade polyester, waterproof and light-fast.

Additional Information
Weight 0,5 kg
Rope colour

white, red, blue, orange (bright), bordeaux, grey, pink, green, black, light grey, red-white


without loop, with loop twofold pulley system, with loop fourfold pulley system